Hannes Maree’s passion for cycass, in particular “Cycass revoluta” grew from a hobby into an opportunity which has formed the foundation for Tzaneen Garden Centre.

In 2000 he imported “Cycass revoluta” seed from Taiwan, and started growing them on a large scale. This was followed by “Cycass Thouaisii”. The nursery in Tzaneen was initially established to supply the wholesale industry.

As the demand grew the family decided to offer some product on a retail basis and in 2007 the retail business came into being.

As with all things in life, everything starts small and grows as it’s nurtured and cared for. It started off as cycass supplier, this grew to other plants, pots, gifts, and gardening pets like Koi’s and birds.

The pets had to be fed so pet food and accessories followed, and we joined hands with Montego feeds to satisfy this demand.

As the company grew the initial company called “Cycads Galore” evolved into Tzaneen Garden Centre.

We continuously evaluate and measure the demand and needs of our clients and incorporate it strategically into our plans for growing with the market into the future.

We keep it simple, striving to keep our clients happy and to build long term relationships every day.